If you are new to transcription, here are some frequently asked questions to help you get to know how our top-quality service works:

What can I have transcribed?

The simple answer is, just about anything! Your personal dictations/emails, interviews, lectures, presentations, focus groups, meetings or any other important information can now be accurately set down on paper in plain English without you having to go to the trouble of hectically scribbling away notes throughout the day and potentially missing key ideas and innovations.


How do you compare with other transcription services?

We are proud to offer a premium service with a guaranteed turnaround time at highly competitive rates. While we are highly competitive, we have a strict privacy policy – your details and file contents are guaranteed complete confidentiality with Non-Disclosure Agreements available for your peace of mind on request, and we never send your work onto an anonymous pool of typists the way most large transcription houses do. Our small team are selected personally by Miss Transcription, and work locally within the Brisbane area, so you can be assured of the sanctity of your information while being typed, and all data is deleted post-completion. NDAs are also available on request.


How do I record my audio? 

You can use anything from a professional dictation device to Skype to record your audio, flick it over to your fast and reliable transcription service (us!) and have your top-quality and easy-to-read document back to you in LESS THAN A DAY, saving you time and frustration in struggling to get that data in a usable format.


What will my file look like?

We’re glad you asked! Whether you are a researcher, academic, legal or other professional, corporate entity, small business, journalist or author, or even a student, your transcripts can be made to your personal requests or in a standard format like this:

A:      Good morning. Is now still a good time to conduct the interview?

B:      Yes, certainly.

A:      Excellent. Thank you very much for your participation.

B:      No worries at all.


Seeing your words in black and white in a clear, easy to read format with all the ‘umms’ and ‘uhhs’ removed will save you a huge amount of time and energy by providing you with all that data you have gathered, with every interview, lecture, focus group or important meeting provided to you in one concise document, which can be sitting on your desk in as little as 3hrs from sending it through to Laura and her team at Miss Transcription.

You can even choose to have certain keywords highlighted or timestamped, so you can simply skim the document and find the best quotes or information in SECONDS – rather than spending hours slaving away with your audio track on repeat, listening over and over to catch that phrase. Simply put, our fast, reliable transcription service, will put the information in your hands, save your valuable time, and allow you to get on with the work that really matters to YOU!


This sounds great! How can I get my audio transcribed today?

Get started immediately: Express upload here

Or if you have any other queries, please email us at type@misstranscription.com.au. You will receive a confirmation from us immediately on receipt of your audio, and look forward to seeing your words in black and white!